Renumeration Companies

As per N.J.S.A. 40A:14-70.2, the following information is provided on our webpage for public disclosure.

*A list of attorneys, advisors, consulants and any other person, firm, business, partnership, corpation, or other organization which received any renumeration of $17,500 or more during the proceeding fiscal year for any service whatsoever, rendered to the Fire District, but shall not include volunteers receiving a Lenght of Service Award Programs (LOSAP)*

The following list indicates which companies received $17,500 or more from Hamilton Township Fire District 4 during the fiscal year 2017

Fire And Safety LLC                                       Truck Maintenance

Trenton Water Works                                            Hydrant & Water Mains

First Responder Insurance Fund

(including Employee Payments)

Kansas State Bank Leasing of PPE.